Flower Child

First off, how many tears did you cry when you saw that sweet baby at the hospital???  Poor McKenna!! She just looks so helpless with that oxygen mask!! I heard she was headed home yesterday, so I hope that went smoothly and that last night went easily, with few coughing fits.  Love you guys and am praying so much for yall!
On another note,
I have been working on different kinds of flowers to crochet and Im pretty obsessed with it. I am trying to do all the squares for the blanket but I keep getting distracted to flower land.
I used this tutorial for the rose
Picnik collage
after I saw these on the daybook (who is so freakin cute) and tried to copy them exactly.
they were not so cute on me
Picnik collage
(plus, I try to smile and I look like a huge goof and then I try not to smile and I look like a freak.  so there you go).  It was just a little bit too fluffy for me.  but I still think you should buy one- I think they are like the cutest headbands I have seen in a long time.
then I made these
Picnik collage
for the orangy one I used this tutorial and for the pink multi colored and the black I used this tutorial that now I cant find but it was great. (I love you teresa!!)
and I left the string long on the multicolor and wore it to dinner.  and took creepy self pics of myself in it again.
headband collage
and i do love it.  but it kept sliding down on my head and I looked weird fixing it.
but, overall, I love having new flowers to put on the hats, headbands and hair clips.
Hope you guys have a great weekend.


Cassie, Alex, Dresden and Auden said...

Kristen you crack me up! You are adorable! And so are the flowers!!! Love them!

Lauren said...

you are like the cutest thing ive ever seen!!! miss you like crazy!

Lisa said...

love the flowers!! {and i love teresa too - she has taught me lots!} today i got stuck on searching for baby cocoon ideas. i will ask again - please move to dallas so we can obsess over this stuff together. thanks. ;)

allyo said...

Those are too cute! I love them! Are you going to add them to the etsy shop? I sure hope so...

jennifer said...

i love the white one... and it looks adorable on you!! and it makes me laugh when you look so serious! love you!

Heather said...

You're real cute.

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