Avery's Royal Partay Invites

Avery wants a princess party.  I know.  I feel like I have been trying to avoid this party for years. I want to make it a little cuter and have crown shirts and matching tutus, but she wants a typical princess party with princess dresses and all.  (I clearly have nothing against a princess party, I just think they can sometimes be so, whats the word? tacky.  or cheesy. and I am all for cheesy, I dont know...) So, I guess, it is her birthday.  I am ready for it.  I am going to try to keep it as calm as possible, but, who knows.  Hot pink and fuscia could creep in at any time.  My control over this party is really so limited.
 I started off with these invites that Celeste and I created.  She found all of the cute fonts and I just love her wording.
Then I ran around everywhere looking for tubes to send them in so that they could roll up in the tubes.  I could not find tubes anywhere but, with aly's help, we found uline online and it was a dream come true.  Tubes everywhere. I even ordered some that came the next day!! (they happened to be the wrong size, whatever, but then I found the gold ones and I think they are perfect!)
Picnik collage
 I wanted to seal the invitations with wax and even found a wax stamp and some wax to do it, but I just could not get it to look good.  I also thought about the sticks that are on each end of scrolls, but I just couldnt figure out how to make that work.  Celeste found some cute wooden pieces at michaels, but I ended up just trying to get them out as fast as I could because I am so behind.  So, the moral here is if you do this, make the seal work and use the sticks.  It will be so much cuter.
Then I labeled them with "Princess Georgia" or "Prince Elliot" and sent them out.
And clearly I was not very good at wrapping the label with tape...


Beth said...

Oh my goodness. This is so cute! I'm with you on the princess party - God was good to give me a boy. :)

lins said...

LOVE the disney font!

ailinh said...

Wow. Seriously. Can those invites get any more cuter than that?!

Rebecca Gibbs said...


Anna said...

I think I may need to make a trip to tyler with brycie for this party :) Since I am only like an hour away from you now!

Nina said...

I love it! I can't believe sweet Aves is about to be 5. LOVE the tubes I have always wanted to mail something in them. Hope all the kiddos feel better miss you :)

Nan Burger said...

Hi Kristen,

What a fun party theme. I only have boys, so I was never able to go this route. I'm sure it'll be a great party. I saw these online and thought of your party.


Have fun! -Nan

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