Cake Batter...

Is all the rage right now.  I didnt really know it, so if you feel behind, ts'ok, because I was too.  Then I stumbled upon this post.  kill me.  This girl is a genius.  I mean, I like cake, I like peppermint bark.  Just nix the mint and add the cake.  I loaded all my kids in the car that moment I saw them (and bribed them with sprinkle-putting-on activities the whole time) and came home immediately and made them on Friday night.  Yes, I was such a loser that I just made bark by myself and ate too much and then couldn't even watch a movie because I was so full.  party girl.  woo hoo.
but, back to it.  The bark was super good and, for real this girl is so cute.  maybe she wants to be my friend in real life... (i know, its like fetch, its never going to happen, but a girl can dream).  So, go to howsweeteats.com and love your life.  She is super funny, cute and her food is amazing.
Then I just died over this girl and her amazingness.
(and look how normal she looks in her self portrait.  kills me).  I LOVE this shirt! and really all of her collection.  love it.  and I think she used to just be a flower designer that blew up.  as she should.  she is so talented.
ok.  more on the rest of the weekend that was ooc fun.  but that's when I can get my brain cells to think of something more important than food and clothes. (duh.  shoes.)
ok.  more tomorrow.
you are welcome. totes magotes.


Brittanie Gordon said...

we had to make that bark too! Ours loved it, and I added a little extra cake mix! I think it might be a new favorite here!

jennifer said...

totes magotes... cool!! :)

Lifethrualinds said...

totes magotes made me laugh out loud.

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