Avery's Princess Party

So, this weekend was aves's party and we had so much fun!  The whole weekend was a blast.
The night before adalyn spent the night for avery's first slumber party! She rode in with blair who helped me with all of the pre party stuff (and celeste via ichat).  The little girls were hilarious and wanted to go to sleep the minute adalyn got here because they wanted to have a "sleep over", but they didnt actually go to sleep until midnight :)
Then, the next morning we cleaned and got everything party ready!  Ashley brought Mason,  Lindsay and Ben brought Kinley, and all of our neighbors and tyler friends came out for the party.  It was really so much fun. 
Since it was  from 2pm-4 we just had desserts.  My mom brought these amazing cookies from celebrity bakery and Julie and I made crown and star cookies that we rolled in sugar that we dyed pink (unfortunately not pictured).  They were amazing!
I also made these cupcakes in a jar that I copied from cakies.  They were so so good!!  (And, for the lids, I cut out a piece of pink paper and got a crown punch from martha to make them look a little more princessy). Blair and I used MADE's carrot cake recipe (twice, because maybe I mixed up baking powder and baking soda...whatever.) and used her cream cheese icing.  Julie made the yellow cupcakes and we just used vanilla frosting for those that we dyed pink.  We made brownies that we put cream cheese icing with and a few had brownies and peanut butter mixed in.  I wanted to do a smores one, with a graham cracker, brownie and marshmallow cream, but we didnt get a chance to go to the store.  Anyway, they were super easy to make and everyone loved them.
Picnik collage
I got these castles off of amazon that I just love!  They were a huge hit and everyone colored and put stickers on them.
I made some bunting that I hung up all around the house and some magic wands out of wooden sticks and ribbon.
For the party favor and some decor I sewed these felt crowns.
Picnik collage
Aves got a belle dress and belle doll from blair and mel and they were the perfect outfit and companion for the party!
And I am just sick because I did not get very many pictures throughout the party!  Julie made Katelyn this fantastic tutu that matched her princess shirt and Mazzy, Jaden and Eshan came dressed in beautiful dresses and knight gear.  Thanks to everyone who dressed up and partied hard.
(I also got princess stamps at hobby lobby and I think they thought they were tatoos...)
Thank you everyone who drove in and spent the night or just drove back the same day.  We had so so much fun with yall and I know it meant the world to Avery!


Blair Wheeler said...

I am so happy that Princess Avery enjoyed her party! To say that I had a blast at the pre-party would be an understatement... best.night.ever!!! And I'm pretty sad the wreatch on the door wasn't documented. Ha.

Kristee and Jody Walker said...

This is the birthday party of my dreams when I was Avery's age... or now? :)
Looks like you guys had a blast!! She is the cutest princess!

Jessica Jeffrey said...

seriously kristen. best party ever!
you're a rockstar mom and a rockstar party girl, love it all!

Unknown said...

I don't know how you do it! Such a precious party! And Ben is getting so big! He looks like a little man in that picture of ya'll!!! :(

Tulip and Turnip said...

Adorable party! The details are amazing. What a great idea to have those castles to decorate...I've seen them on amazon and have debated about getting one. Glad to hear they were a hit!

Melanie said...

I am so glad Aves loved Belle!! And I am sooooo sad I missed what sounds like an amazing pre-party! Miss you and happy birthday Pricess Avery!

Lisa said...

How awesome is this?! Love love how everything is girly and pink! And I loved hearing the carrot cake story from Blair! Happy birthday Avery!!

mom22 said...

This is adorable! Can you post the link for the castle boxes?

Shelley said...

What a sweet and beautiful party!

Natalie of TheBusyBudgetingMama.com said...

ok ADORABLE party!! i had seen this somewhere else i think?? or maybe i stumbled upon it before but didn't comment. but it really is so cute..love the crowns. sophia would love that.oh and the bunting across the fireplace was so sweet.

this is random but where did you get your curtains?? i love them.

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