Top of the week to yall.

I know, I know- two posts a week for the last few weeks?? how can we even call ourselves a blog...we had kind of a long week last week with sick kids but for the weekend, Lindsay  and I were flown up by our college roomate, Lindsay's (I know, two lindsays) husband Adam to surprise her for her birthday!  It was so much fun and to catch up and see each other.  It was just like we had seen each other yesterday.  We did a whole lot of sit on the couch and talk and eat.  a lot.  and then the superbowl! how fun was that?! I have heard mixed reviews about the halftime show, but I was thoroughly impressed.  
Then we rushed home and had a fun valentines party with our playdate peeps this mornin'.
So, in honor of having zero pics from all of the above, here is my list of stuff I am loving from the www.

I want to make this right now.

I love this new, to me, baking blog.  Joy is so cute!

I am on the lookout for a coat rack since it has been so cold here lately!! This one is kinda cute (and modern), this one is also modern but cute.  this is so hard!  what do you guys from the north do with your coats and boots and all your cold weather accessories???

This tea party is SO cute!!

How awesome are these valentines ideas?!?!

And I love the ballet bag!  Not that we do ballet, or that I am that good mom who signs their kids up for stuff.  well,  I take that back- I just signed avery up for spring soccer (when everyone has probably been playing since they were three...) but, we are so excited!! I am officially a soccer mom.  hello world.

I love this bath mat, too.

oh, and this clock is so cute!

and, side note, five years ago today, after a little bleeding scare, we ran to the hospital where my husband ordered pizza (and I wished that I could eat), we watched Las Vegas and I hoped, in between contractions, that I would connect with this little baby that was about to come into our lives.  I had no idea what to expect and was not too into the whole pregnancy thing too much.  I had read very few books (maybe none, whatever), had taken zero classes and was two and a half weeks before my due date...And we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, so we had really no idea what to expect at all.  We called everyone we knew and they jumped on planes, in cars and really supported us faster than we could ever have hoped for.
And then all of a sudden (well, not really, it seemed like an eternity of pushing and crying and drugs not working, but anyway) they said "it's a girl!"  Now, Avery frequently asks to see the picture of when she first came out and I am crying because I am so happy.  Truly the second very best moment of my life.  I have never been so happy, connected or excited in one moment.  And, now she has turned into the most beautiful, kind, sweet and stubborn person I know.
Happy Birthday Avery Kathryn.  You are truly the light of my life and never knew what it meant to love like this until I met you.  You have forever changed my life. I love you more than I can ever tell you.  And I can NOT believe you are five years old!!! ahhhhh!


Lisa said...

ah - made me cry just a little bit! But I am very sentimental this week, as it's Will's birthday on Friday! And I LOVE all the fun ideas. You need to move to Dallas, please, so we can make things out of yarn together.

Morgan Bender said...

Aves we heart you. Dont feel bad about 1 or 2 posts a week, you're planning a party. How much maternity leave did you give Ali :)? McKenna is beautiful, congrats Ali. Did Ben ask for someone to have a boy for Christmas? Aly I feel like its about time for you to move or have a kid or both since that's how you roll...

Camila said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! Also, you do not look like you just had a baby in that pic! Gorgeous!!

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