Tyler Zoo

remember this party?? it was so fantastic and, not only did my fabulous lubbock friends give us a party, they got us a membership to the tyler zoo! we were so excited!! the kids love the zoo and this way we can go anytime we want. it is such a huge blessing and we are so thankful for their thoughtfulness!!
photo 5
so anyway, this weekend we took advantage of our pass and went to the zoo with jeff and we loved it. we really could not get ben to go to the next exhibit-he loved everyone that we were at so much! the girls would get so excited about them all and have so much fun, too, but ben really did not want to leave because he was so invested. i think he thinks he is an animal.
photo 2
photo 1
this leopard thought ben was his bff. while we were standing by the window he walked right up to me and ben and layed down right by us. it was hilarious! thank goodness for the glass...
sass and aves were pretty scared but ben didnt even flinch. love that kid.
photo 4
this was the "texas zoo" part. there were ducks, catfish, deer, bulls and geese. ben's all time favorite part.
there was food that you could buy for 25 cents out of a candy dispenser and you could use it to feed the fish. we, of course didn't bring any money, so, sassy would wait until after everyone got their food and would scavenger the extra pieces that fell to the ground! it was like her favorite game (we are so cheap and have taught our daughter how to take advantage of other people's leftovers!! so wrong...).
we can't wait to come back and see everything all over again. it is such a blessing to have such incredible friends and we are so thankful for our outings to the zoo. thanks again, guys. miss yall...


Lifethrualinds said...

So cute! I love a good zoo trip! We miss you guys!

Brittany said...

so glad you are enjoying the pass! miss you all! and happy late anniversary! hope it was great!

kristen said...


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