sister time

My little sister Anna has been staying with us for the week and it has been so much fun!
Anna and I are 10 years apart so our time living under the same roof was not as long as I wished it could have been. Leaving for college was extra hard for me cause I was missing out on so many years of Anna growing up. It has been so great having her here all week, I just love it! We have been doing a whole lot of nothing and it has been so nice. We have watched lots of cheesy movies like Romie and Michelles High School Reunion and Girls Just Wanna have Fun. Ella's new favorite movie now is Girls Just Wanna have Fun, she watched it twice yesterday and I'm sure she will want to watch it again today. I love this kids taste in movies:)
Picnik collage
Ella LOVES her Aunt Anna! She follows her around the house all day and thinks she is so cool. Anna and Ella both share a love for makeup. We went to one of Anna's fav stores yesterday Ulta, which is now one of Ella's favorite places too. It was like a candy store for her, aisles and aisles of makeup samples! Ella walked out looking more like a clown but she was loving life:)
Picnik collage
We made these delicious chocolate chocolate chip cookies that caught Anna's eye on the fabulous blog of cupcakes and cashmere. We had some people come look at the house yesterday so we left out some of the cookies for them. Hopefully they helped seal the deal:)
Today I am taking Anna to a Zumba class for her first time and we are finishing up on a little crafty t-shirt project we have been working on. Pics to come on that one tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Lifethrualinds said...

What a fun week with Anna P! I love the pics of Ella with the makeup and I KNOW the cookies will seal the deal! Love yall!

Rebecca Gibbs said...

My sister and I went to a Zumba class while I was visiting her in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago! I LOVED it! We laughed SO hard and got such a great work out. Hope y'all enjoyed it too!

Anna said...

yayyyy!!! I have loved being with yall this week! I have had a wonderful time :D I can't wait to come visit again. Lovee youu

jojo said...

I love to see sweet sister time!!! There is nothing better! I am so glad you had this week to share. Love you both so much!

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