Fridays are for fun

a little modeling sesh while we were at aly's party
Since, one of my favorite things about other people's blogs is when they show what their favorite things have been around the web this week, i thought i would give it a try...

how fantastic is this recipe site??? they draw out the recipe and its ingredients. so cute!

i'm sure youve all seen these, but how cute are darbys t shirts!

excited to try beth's book club ideas

how cute is our little lubbock pioneer woman? she has recipes, cute boys and sells their beef that is completely grass fed. miss you guys!

someday i am going to make something this amazing...

always love an animal party.

how awesome is this shower!

i think this lady is so talented! and her clothes are so cute and her kids always looks so cute. and those clips...love them.

my kids ask for bandaids every five seconds...i cant imagine how often they would ask if we had these

just love her. she is amazing.

i think these animal prints are so gorgeous. ben would love these on his wall.

i cant wait for these fabrics to come out! (and then go on sale)

just love this pillow. and really all her stuff.

umm, i wanna WIN!!! this giveaway is amazing!

ok, guys. hope yall have a fantastic weekend!!


Beth said...

You're so sweet! Love your list! This is a good idea to showcase different things around the web. There is so much great stuff out there!

Leslie said...

You are so sweet Kristen!! I miss you tons!!! I also find the most amazing blogs (including yours) from your site!!!

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