headbands for africa

my mom works for a foundation that helps people all over the world. she is going to africa on friday to work with young girls there who used to have to do all kinds of things for money, but through her foundation's program, they have jobs that help them earn money, know the Lord and be apart of a Godly community together. My mom is someone who's life goal is help others and she does that with literally everyone she meets. to know my mom is to love her-from the lady at target to the women in africa. she has a gift of making people feel like they are the most valuable person in the world and that she loves them, even if she just met them.
When she goes to Africa this week I know she will love on these women and the staff that helps them and i am so excited to hear about her whole trip.
The girls are graduating soon from their foundation's program and so al and i decided to make them so headbands to celebrate.
they are not the most exciting or well made....but hopefully its the thought that counts!!
allison bought this gorgeous ribbon/fabric and i just used rubber bands and wrapped the ribbon around the rubber band and then glued it together on the back. i went back over the glue with a couple of rows of stitching and it was so easy.
al used this tutorial from ruffles and stuff. I wish we had a pic of everyone of them because we made like 80. it was so much fun and i hope that they like them.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage


AnnaP said...

LOVE this!!!

hernandezjr said...

love Kathy so much! hope she has a great trip...headbands are going to be a hit!

Unknown said...

Dear Kristen and Allison, The headbands are darling! What a sweet act of love for these precious women in Africa. Our prayers are with your mom and her team. Africa will see the love of Jesus shine in each of them.

Lifethrualinds said...

These turned out fantastic! I know everyone will love them! We will be praying for Kathy and all those sweet people over there!

jan said...

They are wonderful and I know the women over there will be so blessed by them....as you are for making them. I will be praying for your mom's trip! You all are amazing in how you bless all over the world.

Dani and Greg said...

You ladies are so special! LOVE the headbands and the heart behind it.

Leslie said...

That's so awesome of you two and your awesome mom!! I'm also a little jealous of how good you both look in headbands. I love them but can't wear them at all!! Great job girls!

Priscilla said...

Kristen, I am so proud of the Godly young woman and mother you have become. You have your mom's precious, loving heart, and it is evident with how you are living your life and raising those sweet babies!

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