dyed elastic waist skirts

So it's probably pretty obvious by now that we like to make elastic waist skirts. We have made so many! It started with these, then these, then these and now I made these ones for my sister Anna. It was her birthday last week so she got 5 new skirts from me and Kristen made her some super cute hair clips too.
Picnik collage
I did a few things differently this time and I love it! I used a 3 inch elastic instead of 2 and I really like the thicker better. I also dyed some of the white elastic different colors and I love the way the dyed elastic makes the skirt look.
Picnik collage
I used Rit Dye to color the elastic. I heated the water and dye over the stove top and then stirred the elastic around for about 5 minutes. I rinsed it in cold water until the water ran clear then let it dry on paper towels.
We went to dinner with my family and Anna wore one of her new skirts and hair clips. She was looking good! (as always)


Unknown said...

SO CUTE! I want one!!!

Cassie said...

Oh my GOODNESS...dying the elastic makes them even cuter (and I didn't think that was possible). I'm trying these this weekend.

Shannan Martin said...

These skirts are fantastic! And you girls are both just so lovely. Oh, and I am jealous of your short skirt and tank-top weather as I sit here in my sweater and knee socks. :)

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