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We are a little exhausted this week.  Whew.  I am so glad its the weekend!  We have soccer, volleyball, football watching  and birthdays to celebrate this weekend and we couldn't be more excited.  Who knows how these first games are going to go... We are fingers crossed that we don't hate them and then cry at every future event we have to attend based around said sport.   It has happened in the past so wish us luck.

Just been liking some things that are floating around.

This posthumous letter to a writers daughter is everywhere, but I just loved it.

Have yall been to patternbooth?  It is fantastic.

I love this dress.

Confetti Bedding?  Awesome.

Love these fall clothes.  Mostly because I can wear shoes and jackets! Shirts and jeans are much more of a squeeze... Come on fall.

And on amazing again.

Check out Julie's amazing cookies! She is so freakin talented!

And, on this friday the 13 I just wanted to say a little happy birthday to my mom and favorite youngest brother!  You guys are both so incredibly kind, sensitive, sweet.  I could not be more thankful for you both in my life, Jeff's life and the kids love you both more than I could have ever imagined! Yall are truly such a blessing to me and I cant wait to celebrate with you guys this weekend!
Love you both!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely of you (I can't believe you two are not actually sisters you look so alike) to visit my little Patternbooth blog, I'm so glad you found the blog and stayed long enough to like it. I'm honoured!

Cara from Patternbooth

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