Knitted Baby Goods

Just been doing some knitting for the babe and the babe's friends.  Nothing super exciting (unless you dream of purls and knits in your sleep like me) but I learned some new stitches and new techniques to make these and it was so fun.  The diaper cover was really fast and really fun (and I bought the whole booklet of patterns and they are adorable!).  And the romper took a little bit to figure out, but I like how it came out.  It is much whiter in real life, but the pic is what I envisioned in my head before I started, so I am leaving it up (false sense of reality much?)  The sweater is just the top part of the romper and the vest is actually a jacket (similar) that now has one arm and someday will have the other.  It is unfortunately moving at snail's pace bc I used tiny needles and tiny yarn.  But you know, I am nothing if not slow.
We are off to more games and friends and bdays this weekend (all those new years decisions to get pregnant) and we are pumped.
Hope yall have a great weekend!


fromhousetohome said...

Love them all! You are amazing....in case I haven't told you....since yesterday!!! It is so fun to see how far you have come in your knitting abilities! Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

So impressed!!!! You are making WHOLE OUTFITS! Like...won't need to buy a romper, because you knitted one. Love it. Hope I get to see you soon!!! XO

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