The Fall of McKenna!

The Summer of Ella was so special and so much fun! I loved all the one on one time with just her.
 Now it's McKenna's turn! 
Since she only goes to her school two days a week, we have three days with just us while big sister is at school. McKenna cracks me up. I have been looking forward to this time where I would get to be with just her and really focus on her fun and hilarious personality. She is a non stop ball of joy and makes me smile so big. 
I have made a little list of some planned activities for just McKenna and I to do during the next couple of months. I just wish it would start to feel like Fall! I'm over this Texas heat.
It was so strange going to all our normal places the first week Ella started school. The first time it was just McKenna and I at open gym, she didn't know what to do with herself. Every other time she was running around with Ella. She just sat in my lap the whole time. Made me so sad for her. She warmed up to the idea pretty quick though. The next visit to the gym, she was all over the place.
We went to this cool truck activity where she got to learn all about all different kinds of trucks and tractors. She didn't really know what to do with her girly self but I think she enjoyed it.
We have been on lots of walks with her baby dolls. It is her latest favorite thing to do. She insists that I push a baby stroller as well so we make for a pretty funny sight for anyone driving by.
We did a little kid yoga in the park the other day and it was so cute!
Can't wait for more Fall of McKenna fun!

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