Tiny Dancer

It doesn't get much cuter than this. 
McKenna just started her first ballet class and it might be my favorite thing ever to watch. Her tiny petite body in tights and a leotard trying so hard to point her toe is adorable. I love it so much. This is the first time McKenna has really taken any kind of class where she just goes in by herself so I wasn't sure how she would handle it. She loves it! She follows everything the teacher says and does it with the best facial expressions. Smiles, eyebrows raised with joy as she tries to sing along to the songs, and lots of McKenna shoulder shrugs that get me every time. She is a character and I love it all so so much.

Ella just started her first hip hop class and couldn't be more excited! That girl has had the hip hop gene in her since she was little so I think this could be her thing. As we pulled up to dance she told me she was very nervous. I reassured her that was totally normal and that there would be lots of other girls nervous too. I was so proud of her. She walked in with confidence and did the best that she could do. The class age range is 5-9 year olds so she is for sure the smallest and youngest one in there. I was surprised at how fast paced the first class was but she did her best to keep up and even though she was tripping over her own feet during the box step, she was loving it. That girl knows how to work the sass and being able to watch herself in a full wall of mirror only makes her shine more. We all know how Ella feels about big mirrors. 
I can't wait for the recitals. These things make me so giddy. Ella apparently is already thinking of the recital too. On the way home from her first dance class she already made a request for rainbow flowers at the recital. That girl. 

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BrookeD said...

They are so stinkin' cute!!!

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