The big 3-2

I would say the number one question I get about allison from people that don't know her that well (or actually do know her) is "is she really that amazing in real life?  How does she do it?"  And the answer, from someone who talks to her sometimes 15 times a day, is always a resounding YES.  She is actually more amazing in real life. She often holds some things back that she just does for her kids, friends and family that she never mentions because they are so normal for her, but incredible to everyone who sees it.
Allison is the real deal.  I have known that since 7th grade in our matching outfits.  She is so beautiful on the outside that you would think she would not have to be kind and generous and thoughtful.  I mean, she could go anywhere with those looks.  But she is the exact opposite.  She is so kind and so thoughtful and so generous that sometimes I forget that she also looks like a supermodel.  And she is so self effacing and aware that she will talk about a bad hair day or tight jeans and I actually go along with it.  Then, I realize how incredible even her bad hair days are.
But, aside from her outward beauty, she has the most kind and real and genuine heart of anyone I have ever known.  Her sensitivity to others and love for encouraging everyone she meets with homemade card or package is unmatched.  And her creativity is something so innate and unique, but so simple and thoughtful every time.  Every single time she outdoes herself.  I am just like you guys, always on the edge of my seat waiting to see what she does next.  Her thoughtfulness knows no bounds and she is ready with a care package or just a listening ear anytime you need her.  She never wants to be the center of attention, but has the quiet confidence of someone who sits back and lets those around her shine.  She is always willing to be the first to laugh at herself too.  She may be sensitive to others, but she is always quick to play herself down and is not sensitive for herself.  It is the most incredible combination.  She takes things for what they are and doesn't turn them into all sorts of things by over analyzing like I do.  On one hand she is the most senstive and sweet and innocent and easy to please, and on the other she is strong and confident and ready for whatever fun lies ahead.
I can not tell you what a privilege it is to be one of the lucky few who have a front row seat to watch and get to be a participant in her kindness, creativity and love.
To say that she is better than she is on this blog is an understatement, but her heart is so pure and her creativity so big that I cant do it justice.  I hope you have the best 32nd bday al.  We all are inspired and encouraged and have been changed simply by watching how you live your life.
Thank you. 


Lauren said...

I have been reading your (y'alls?) blog for a long time but barely comment. This post is beautiful and part of why I want to keep reading is because the love you two have for one another is so special and so rarely seen, especially on the internet when being snarky often seems like the coolest thing to do! Happy Birthday, Allison and great post, Kristen!

Brittany Strebeck said...

well said, kristen! it couldn't be more true. Allison, you are one special person, and it's easy to say my life is better because you're in it. happy bdayyyyy!

BrookeD said...

Happy Happy Birthday Allison!!! :)
Wish I were there to party with ya!
Such a sweet post Kristen - I love it!!!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Well said sister! Al, you are truly so, so thoughtful in everything you do. You are encouraging in everyone else's endeavors and always the life of a party! Such a sweet post kris. Happy bday Al!

Misty said...

SO SWEET! Happy Happy Birthday Allison!! What a blessing you have in a friend! {that was one of the sweetest things I've ever read Kristen!}

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