My Bday

Well. I'm another year older. And sportier. Obviously.
My parents got me a super cool purple bike for my birthday. I was beyond surprised. I opened a gift from them and it was a pair of sunglasses and a helmet. I was so confused and kept asking, "why do I need a helmet?" Then I hear my dad coming down the hallway pushing a bike. It was such a flashback to my 2nd grade birthday. I'm pretty sure my bike was purple then too. 
I haven't riden a bike in forever. Ever since my accident, my balance is a little off. I have been on roller blades a few times and it's a sight to see. I was nervous about the bike. It took me a few minutes to get used to the feeling and I was definitely shaky but I love it! Not sure if we are all ready for a family bike ride yet, but maybe soon!

I also got to see Kristen and Lindsay during my bday weekend! It was so wonderful! I'm bummed I don't have any pictures of me with Kristen and Linds but at least I got a few cute ones of the kiddos.
We got to see Kristen and the kids at a family picnic and they had so much fun together.
We played over at Lindsay's house and McKenna and Ty were adorable together as always!
It was such a great weekend and my actual birthday on Monday was awesome too! Kristen's post made my day. It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard and I am so blessed to have such amazing friends. Life is good. 32 is good.

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