Big Girl Beds!

I no longer have a crib in my house. Makes me kind of sad. I am SO excited about Kristen having one in her house again! I can't wait!!! 
I am super excited about McKenna being in a big girl bed and I'm still shocked at how easy the transition was. She loves it and actually stays in it! 
We have been doing some major flipping of the rooms around here and I just love it. We moved our tv room into the formal living room and moved the polka dot playroom into the old tv room. Then we moved Ella's full bed into the polka dot playroom as a guest room now. Then we moved McKenna's crib into the attic and got two twin beds for the girls room. I feel like every room of the house really gets used now and I love it! 
I saw this headboard on pinterest a while ago and loved it. I showed it to my talented husband and he made it happen. He spent hours drawing out the shape and getting all the measurements right. The only help I was during this process was food and beverage girl.
They look fabulous and I couldn't be happier! After he finished them, we stained them with a grey stain. We used Minwax watered based wood stain in charcoal grey. I then rubbed a wax finish over them. I used Johnson's Paste Wax.
I ordered the girls bedding from Land Of Nod and put it all together while they were at school. They were beyond excited when they got home and saw their new room. 
The Land Of Nod does sell these super cute initial pillows but they don't let you choose what colors. So I just made my own and it was so easy. I took an old sheet and sewed an envelope pillow with this great tutorial. I then cut out the letters with my silhouette onto some vinyl and then I heat pressed it on. If you don't have a heat press, you could easily cut out the letter onto freezer paper and just stencil it on with fabric paint. 
I love that the girls share a room. They love it too but I know there will be a day when they are ready for their own rooms. Until then, I cherish all those moments and giggles that I hear on the monitor every night. 

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