Friday (yeaaaaa)

Am I right?
We have been playing at the park a lot lately in this crazy texas weather and it has just been so nice.  Its crazy because one day we are in shorts and the next a scarf, boots and a coat.  I am not complaining, though.  I was not ready to let go of winter this year.  I was loving dark colors, layers and boots.  I am easing into pastels and whites.  Hopefully by the time it decides to actually stay hot, Ill be ready for shorts. maybe?
(and we found some bluebonnets on the side of the road the other day.  They are so gorgeous I cant get over it.  aves opted out of the photo op :)
Just cant say enough about these twins lately.  They are just melting my heart with how much they love each other.  With the move coming up and so many changes on the horizon, I am just so thankful they have each other.  They are truly best friends and opposites who pick up right where the other left off.  They hardly ever fight and they are always looking out for each other.  (I guess thats a perk to having three kids ages 3 and under?  I dont really know.  I def did not do anything special to make them this way.  I wish I could take more credit.)  I wish avery had a partner in crime, but she is just so strong on her own and loves her alone time.  I am so proud of how she takes things head on and doesnt complain.  She is much stronger than me.
Ok, sappy story over.
We are headed out for a camping with cousins weekend and I just could not be more excited.  Hopefully this warmer weather will stay through the weekend!
Here are some things I cant get enough of as of late-

Really into her beautiful blog lately.

and this one.  (Totally different. much more sophisticated and together then me.  I just love me a style blog though.) oh, and this one. she is so straightforward and hilarious.

and this one.  there are no words for what she has been through and I just can not imagine how she is coping right now.

Staying with heavy topics I just finished this book and this book in three days.  I could not put them down.  I stayed up late, took them with me and read at red lights (original reading text while driving? Im so funny).  The whole thing. They were amazing and full of so much love and loss and heartache, that sometimes it was just too much.  But I still could not put them down.  I highly recommend both books.  They provided me with so much perspective and gratitude of my place in this world.  They reminded me to be thankful and present in the moment and just to take it all in.
(and the sappiness returned.  sorry.)
Ok, this post has taken a lot of turns, wow.  If you are still reading- a giant invisible trophy is definitely in order.
Hope your weekend is full of twists and turns and lots of love.  Happy friday!


christin said...

Thank you so much for linking to me! Hope you ladies have a great weekend! xx

jennifer said...

pure joy!

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