Year in Review

This year has been amazing.  
January Kenna had a BEEutiful birthday  Hairmageddon happened.  whew. That was me being vain and pretttttyyyy stressed.  Blondes dont always have more fun.  Kristen's first yarn wreath for Valentines.  The Barstad's Bunk was born. 
March  Ella's pink Splint   ICE CREAM PARTY   Camping at the Lake   Golden Blocks
April  Birthday Coasters for Anna   Egg Dying and Picnicking   Turning a silhouette image into a sketch    confetti eggs with fruity pebbles    Easter in Lubbock    Vegas for Anna's 21st   Homemade kites with kristen's amazing in laws   DIY Waterbed
May: sleep dr,  personalized brown bear book,  ella's dance recital,  super suits, sappy sentimental post about twins,  sewing 101
June: Ella got her princess teeth,  the big apple, bike party built for two, polka dot play room, DIY dinosaur eggs, DIY Father's Day trophies, blinged out crutches,  fingerpaint art
July:  celeste's 80s bday and awesome patch filled denim vest,  kristen cut her hair (no drama this time), cousin camp for the barstads, sappy ramblings from kristen about their second act, 
August: There was the Casa Grande Moving Crew, Glittered Keds, allison's creative crimes scene that kristen immediately copied,  Kristen's polka dot shirt DIY and then jeans (polkadotting everything over here) , the twins going from airheads to smarties, and a new door color to spice up the fall. 
Sept: Dorky Macaroni art,  Ella and Kenna's first day of school,  Al made the best baby shower games,  Kristen made her first pot pie,  Al met MADE,  DIY Barbie Dress,  shirts and mugs for Uncle Michael and Uncle Patrick,  
al made a fabulous fashion show curtain for Ella and Kenna.
Oct: Pumpkin Pinatas, Bob's birthday Fashion Show,  Kristen pulled out the big guns and went real camping at beavers bend with the neighbors and cousins,  Lindsey's bach party,  Allison created a fantastic candy land trunk or treat,  brought back the saltine toffee crackers for Ella and Kenna's halloween treats, and amazing homemade apple chips. Oh and Halloween for Aves and Ella.
Nov: Anna and Tyler Graduated,  Brookefit went down, Allison made turkey shirts, Allison had cousins camp of her own,   Kristen made turkey shirts, too and they made turkeys, thankful trees and snow globes a little early, then there was thanksgiving and a graham cracker train.
Dec: Al made DIY Snowflakes,  McKenna and Ella saw santa and one loved him more than the other... then Avery and crew chopped down their tree,  kristen made paper trees and edible teacher gifts,  al made pipe cleaner ornaments,  kristen made reindeer shirts and (most of) her kids saw santa,  we had a fantastic weekend with celeste,  bob and al rocked their small group christmas party with those outfits and their amazing minute to win it skills,  hilltop got lit,  tyler popped the question,  and christmas was amazing as always (and avery skiied for the first time!).
WOW.  If you are still reading this you deserve a bag of swedish fish or some saltine toffee crackers and smores bars.  That was the longest post ever and thank you for letting us document it all in one fell swoop.  Whew.  The next post will be much more concise...(well, I can't make any promises).


Cat said...

Well I read the whole thing AND clicked some links... I'll take my fish now :)

april said...

I read it all... and clicked some links too....fish please;) hahaha!!! What an amazing year....and an absolute blessing to be able to look back on it all and reminisce!!! I love y'alls blog so much!!! Here's to 2013!!!!!

Misty said...

saltine toffee crackers..... you read my mind! :) love every one of these pics and posts :) happy new year!

BrookeD said...

I LOVE IT ALL!!!! It really was such a wonderful and amazing year!! With many, many, many more to come!!!


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