Day with Aves

Avery had friday off of school and the twins did not.  I have to admit that I get nervous with just one child at home.  My initial thought is excitement that I get to spend time with said child, but then I get so nervous about what we will do.  Will they have fun with just me?  Will I be boring?  What do they like to do by themselves?? I dont even remember! I am so used to having an entire team of reinforcements of fun that I dont know if I am equipped alone.  Of course, once the day rolls around it is always so much fun and they seem to like just being with me.  Fears are usually quickly quelled.  
Lucky for me for this time, avery had an entire day planned.  She made multiple lists of things that we needed to get done for her party, fully equipped with boxes so we could check each item off once we completed it.  
What would I do without her.
I really didnt know this was in her.  She is kind of lazy laid back and go with the flow in certain areas and doesnt seem to have a desire to check things off of a list.  I dont really have that desire, so maybe I am not very good at looking for that quality.  I am terrible with time management and always end up having to make a list because I cant keep everything in my brain, but then I never look at said list.  Or, when we grocery shop and I make a list on my phone- I still forget about it.  I am so scatterbrained.
Needless to say, her list was amazing for our day together and checking everything off of it was so much fun.  She would make us wrap up tasks so we could move on to other ones.  It was fantastic to have an actual leader in the room versus a very scatterbrained mom. 
She was also so excited about the party stuff, which I just love.  Up until this year she has had ideas of things we could do and loved to help, but this year she has a vision.  You know what Im talking about- The one where you have seen it in your brain and you must work tirelessly until it looks like that vision in your head? She had it when we did the surprise for jeff, too and I just love it.  I have visions of how I want things to go and it was just so fun seeing avery have hers.
Avery also wore her her homemade sofia the first crown, high heels and a princess dress the entire day. Talk about dressing the part.  I just love her sweet 'party everyday' kind of spirit.
It was a fantastic day and when the kids got home we did more party prepping and just had an overall great day.  
I am so thankful for days off to spend getting to know the kids better as individuals and see how they are growing up to be.
I had seen this pom pom hanging thing on pinterest and just loved it.  I thought it would be great as a backdrop for a food table or something with gold pom poms and avery jumped right on board.  I really love how it turned out but do think I should maybe add more poms to make it fuller? I dont know.  We will see.
Here's to more days off and many more pom poms...

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