Christmas, Barstad Style

Is allison the most creative person you have ever seen??! I was DYING over that new years idea! She is a genius and so much fun, even if it is just for her family.  Probably especially if it is just for her family.  She is really exactly what she seems- kind, fun, beautiful, with creativity coming out her ears.  Love everything she comes up with.  I wish we had been in "London" on new years eve at her house!
Ok, this is boring for everyone else, but I want to relive a little all of the break on the blog while listening to my cheesy country playlist on spotify (thanks michael!!) so I wont forget. (even though I feel like I will never forget, I hardly remember last year at all.  diet coke, much?) 
Thanks for indulging me.
We started off with some holiday partying at school.
Avery also had a program where she was a star and she was adorable.  Sassy and I were on the edge of our seat the whole time and were so sad when it was over.
We left after avery's school (and a terrible slip up on my part that I will forever regret but will save yall the boring details) and I rushed to colleyville for a mini chhs christmas party.  It was just so so fun.  Love my chhs girls.
The next night we had my cousin christmas party where we had secret santa.  You can clearly see that Jeff and I pretty much scored big time with that.  Yes, that is a Salt n Peppa Push It shirt.  I know.  You're jealous- I know. I would expect nothing less from y'all.
The next day, we got to see the crew again at the cowboy game that was just a heartbreak in a series of heartbreaks. (smh)
Then, my in laws took us to the Heard Museum that has life sized dinosaurs.  It was pretty much heaven for ben.  We couldnt get him to stop in front of anything for a picture, no matter how short we promised it would be, because he couldnt stop running from dinosaur to dinosaur.  It was amazing.
On Christmas Eve, we had Christmas at my in laws where we all just banked.  We woke up and pretended it was actually Christmas and the whole bit.  Practically two christmas days.  Love it. On (the real) Christmas day, we woke up at my parents house where the kids had to wait at the top of the stairs just like I did when I was a kid.  At the top of those very same stairs. It was pretty cool.
After christmas we went skiing with my immediate family and this kid went to ski school and skied greens.
I was pretty impressed.
I am truly my kids biggest road block.  They are still babies in my head, and I dont want them to be sad or stressed or bother anyone else either,  so I only hesitantly let them do a very few things.  I was so wrong about this one.  She was so good at being up for skiing and had a great time.  She cried a little because she wouldnt know anyone in the class and I just tried to channel my inner mom, thinking we can use this when we move and she has to really meet new kids. We can reference this for encouragement- "remember how fun it was to meet new people!" (Ugh. Hate it.) Fortunately, she is MUCH stronger than me, and met friends just fine and didnt have any panic, sweating attacks in the car that caused her to leave before it even started.
My whole family was also just so encouraging and stayed out later when they were cold or figured out anyway to come out just to be able to ski with her.  It meant so much to me to have them there with us.
Ski school all around next year!
We played cousinopoly, our cousin gift last year, and I lost very very quickly.  I am not a risk taker with money.  Whew. And I made my first cabled hat and finally (almost) finished our stockings. Valentines stockings, anyone?
On the way home, we went to Blair's to meet her new puppy, Sneaky Pete.
We were all pretty smitten.
New years was spent watching Pitch Perfect twice in a row, buying the sound track, and then watching it again the next night.
Pretty pitch perfect ending (I had to do it) to 2012.
Here we go, 2013.
Ready as we'll ever be.


Misty said...

you little sass is just gorgeous! I LOVE that very last pic of her (I actually love every pic, but especially the last one) anyway, what fantastic holiday season!!

jennifer said...

i'm in love with that pic of aves in her snow gear... she is so brave and talented, just like her mom! and oh that sass... i want that pic framed in my house!! love y'all!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I know i've said this before, but your kids have the BRIGHTEST smiles (and faces b/c of those smiles!)! I just love it. And you have that same bright shiny face and smile! Always love your posts, and just love how you write so much. Happy 2013. :)

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