McKenna's Goody TWO Shoes Party!

I still can't believe she is 2.
We celebrated sweet little McKenna this last weekend and it was so much fun!
We all know there was matching shirts, so we'll start with those.
I used my heat press machine to make them and I put our own shoes on each shirt.
I cut footprints onto adhesive vinyl and stuck them to the floor walking in. Are you having flash backs to McKenna's Busy Bee party? I guess I love a trail...
Click here to see details on making dance floor and boogie shoes.
I also used the adhesive vinyl for the saying on the wall. It peeled right off no problem.
GoodWill shoes at their finest.
I had fun making some stickers to put inside each shoe. 
The kids loved trying on different boogie shoes and dancing.
Aly just got a new puppy and he got to come too! He was SO cute!
I set up a craft table were you could make your own Goody TWO Shoes. I bought all the flip-flops at Hobby Lobby.
The kids loved decorating the shoes. 
My mom got the most delicious strawberry cake from Legacy Cakes. They matched the shoes that I put on the invites. 
I filled a mason jar with barbie and polly pocket shoes. Everyone took a guess at how many shoes there  were. The top two winners won a shoe tie game and Pete the Cat book. (It's a great book if your haven't read it)
There were 130 shoes in the jar. Anna and Matthew were the 2 big winners!
We had (almost) Footlong Hotdogs and Shoestring chips for food.
We had a bounce slide in the backyard and it was a hit! I love looking at the huge smiles on all the kids faces.
For the favors, I made a memory match game with different pairs of shoes. It was an idea that sounded so easy to make in my head but actually ended up being a very time consuming project. I spent hours trying to line the front and back images to print the same and I finally gave up and printed the goody 2 shoes image on sticker paper and just stuck it to each card. I got them laminated at a teacher supply store. That is defiantly the cheapest route when it comes to lots of laminating. I do love how they turned out and the kids loved them! I got the little tins at Michaels in the wedding favor aisle. 
Julie had the idea of displaying shoes from McKenna growing and I thought it was such a great idea! So above the favor table, I hung six pair of shoes that I will always save and remember.
We ended the day with some more cake. (and maybe started the next morning with some too)
Thank you to everyone that came to help celebrate our sweet McKenna!

(To see more party prep, go here.)


Misty said...

what's not to love about this cute party?!

every single detail is fantastic & I Just LOVE McKenna's red nails :)

ps I have checked your blog 90 times to see if you had posted this party yet :) Every single party y'all post is my fave :)

Misty said...

ok another comment from me :)

how did you make those cute little memory games? I saw your instagram pic with the paper cutter-- did you print everything and modge podge them? some of the shoes look hand drawn

Kristi said...

Wow. This may be your best party yet. What a fun theme and I love everything you did it. Thanks for the Michaels wedding favor shout out! That's my category. Love how you used them. Also, is that frosting on McKenna's big toe in the last pic. I love it! She couldn't be cuter.

Leslie said...

Allison!!! Such a great party!! Your girls are going to be so creative and such the little party planners as well. I bet you guys have your own mother/daughters business up and running soon!!

Amelia Davis said...

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joannabanana said...

What did your invitations look like? This is an awesome idea!

joannabanana said...

I found your invites that I missed. So cute! Do you sell a personalized printable? Thanks!

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