Knitting Lately

I have been trying to test my skills lately and make some new stuff lately and it really is like my favorite thing.  Not new things, really, but learning and trying new things to knit and crochet.  This makes me the biggest grandma in the world.  If you took me to a nursing home I would probably be a huge hit.  I would ask everyone for their input on how they hold their fingers, knit in the round and actually do that whole fair isle thing.  Sigh. 
Now I want to go to a nursing home.
Jennifer asked if I could copy this hat for them both, and unfortunately I made Isla's a little small.  How stinkin cute is she in it, though??! Ridiculous.  I will have to make it bigger.  It was my first time to cable in a circle, and I used this overall idea but not this pattern.  And once I discovered how easy pom poms are, I made this hat for my friend who just found out she is having a girl!  (Now I am pom obsessed.  It is probably going to be a problem.  I can only imagine how great christmas would have been if I had known then what I know now...)  I have been back to making baby booties for friends too, and it that was all crochet.  oh, and I have prob made every hat I am wearing.  We know how incredible dorky I am and wear what I make even if its weird, off or super not weather appropriate. Finally finished our stockings after christmas, too.  I am going to embroider different stuff on them, and that part is not done, but at least the stockings are.  annnnnddd they are still up in our house.  awesome.
Definition of cool over here.


Unknown said...

I started crocheting because I loved the stuff you were making (I follow you because I'm friends with Mendy...I'm the one with a daughter and twins like you haha). Now you have me wanting to knit! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Beth said...

Have you blocked the hat that's too small? Sometimes that's all you need to get a little extra length and width! It worked for the arm warmers I made!

Everything is super cute!

Lisa said...

LOVE! Love it all. So impressed with the baby booties. I started that project once and stopped after one, ha! XOXO

Misty said...

aw! those booties make me want to have another baby! so sweet :)

jennifer said...

you are the best. seriously... the BEST!!!! and love the new header!

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