Barbie Organizer

Oh Barbie.
You have so many clothes and tiny shoes that just seem to always be everywhere. 
I googled Barbie organizer in hopes of finding something wonderful and easy to keep everything together in one place. Our current plan of two baskets was not working anymore. Barbies were overflowing and needed something new.
I saw that lots of people use a shoe organizer hung on the back of doors to store all the Barbies in. Pretty genius idea. It got them all in one spot and off the floor. The only issue was that I couldn't hang it on the door because Ella wouldn't be able to reach them all. So, I bought a shoe organizer, cut it in half and hung it on the wall. It lasted for about 2 minutes before it fell down. It was too small so I decided to make my own version of a shoe/barbie organizer.
I used white denim for the main piece. The clear vinyl was not my favorite to sew with but I loved using bias tape for my first time. It was perfect for hiding my many uneven lines.
So far it has held up and Ella loves it!
Sorry for all the Barbie nudity in this post. 

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