Scavenger Hunt/Picnic/Craft Session/Surprise for Dad

Last Sunday, Avery found me while I had just put on my comfortable-after-church clothes and sat down in front of the computer for some zone out time and approached me with a new plan for the afternoon.  She wanted to do a surprise for dad where we had a craft sesh in the new treehouse he just built and a scavenger hunt to get there.  (this girl had worked out the whole plan.  love her.)  And, never being one to turn down a craft or a mini party, I helped make her dream a reality.
It was so much fun.  The kids loved it.  They hid the clues and told Jeff where to start, helped make the surprise banner and put together all of the craft ideas.  It was fun to see avery's little vision working out in her head.  I know exactly what she meant, but a lot of times she had a different idea of how things would look or how long we worked on a certain craft.  She was so great about it and went with the flow, but it was fun helping her on her party, not the other way around.  I cant wait to see what more is in that little head of hers.
(You can guess which puppets were the ones Jeff helped out on and the ones I helped out on.  Let's just say his artistic ability and attention to detail out weighs mine...by a million).


jennifer said...

that's the best! love that little, creative mind aves!

fromhousetohome said...

Party planner just like her mama!! Just love this!!

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