Aves Golden Birthday

So, aves is turning 7 on Feb 7.  Best birthday ever.  I didnt even realize that it was her golden birthday until a few weeks ago because I dont pay very much attention to anything lately.  We had a whole different plan but we turned that around as soon as we found out.
(Al and I are turned around because aves party is before her actual bday and kenna's is after.  So, Im kind of jumping the gun over here.  Get excited for kenna updates right around the corner)
So far, I am throwing around ideas of hanging gold stars, gold coins, choc covered gold coins, maybe gold crowns and some pom poms (since I am clearly obsessed).  Celeste mentioned maybe bringing in some goldalicious.  I love that idea.  I just need to read the book.
I ordered all kinds of crap fun stuff from oriental trading company (love them), and now I just need direction.  I am kind of stuck in my box of square invites with rounded edges and lots of garland.  We will see if I can get out of my box this time around.
For her invites there is no creative rhyme or fun saying- just some glue with glitter on top.  Very 80s puff paint style.  I couldnt help myself.  Our main goal is to make it at least a litttttlllle different than her princess party.
Here's to giving it a good ol' college try.

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Misty said...

love it! my golden birthday was forever ago & I won't get to celebrate my girls' until they are in their teens!
what is the name of the font the word golden is in?

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