DIY Muno and Joe Dirt

We love us some Yo Gabba Gabba in our house. It has always been the one show McKenna will somewhat sit still for and watch. I love how they sing a song about everything and then you can never get it out of your head.( Pajama party time, jumping around is currently stuck in my head.)
We painted some pumpkins this weekend and I made mine look like Muno. As soon as I saw the crazy wart pumpkin, he was all I could think about:) 
McKenna still giggles every time she sees it.
Ella and McKenna loved painting and glittering up their pumpkins.
Ella wanted her big one to be all gold. No glitter, just gold. She was very particular on that.
McKenna just wanted to paint her entire arm gold.

Now onto the DIY Joe Dirt haircut…
Ella cut her own hair tonight.
McKenna has been sick all weekend so it was just Bob and Ella that went to small group tonight. We usually meet at someones house and it was supposed to be ours tonight. Since McKenna still had a fever, we moved small group to a meeting room at Schlotzsky's. There is usually about 10 kids but tonight there was only 4. Ella and her sweet friend Madalyn were at a table doing arts and crafts. They decided to crawl under the table and do their own type of crafting.
I get this text from Bob tonight.
So Ella and Madalyn cut their hair at Schlotskys. 
All things considered its not that bad. 
Think chuncky layers.
I was shocked and had no idea what to expect and much less what to do. All I could do was laugh. I immediately called my mom and asked how to handle the situation. We both agreed not to focus on the bad haircut and more on the issue of doing something she knew was a no no. 
I see Bob and Ella pull up so I am holding open the front door as they are getting out of the car. I just act normal and start saying, "Hey! How was small group? What did y'all do?" Just as Ella walks up she answers my question with, "I cut my hair." I immediately pee in my pants and am crying from laughing so hard. Bob sent her to her room as soon as he saw my reaction so she didn't see me laughing. Once I pulled myself together and got all my giggles out, we called Ella in to talk. I explained how disappointed I was that she didn't use the scissors the way she knew how. When I told her that there would be no TV all week, she lost it. I'll probably lose it at some point this week too. No TV might be just as hard on me.
I guess I will take her somewhere this week to even her hair out. Oh goodness. 
Haha! I will keep you guys updated on Ella's new look:)


Misty said...

omgosh! call aunt anna!! :) at least she cut the side & not right on top of her head & her bangs... like I did when I was 4! ha!! She was probably just thinking, "My cool aunt anna does this allllll the time" :) Are you dressing her up at Joe Dirt for Halloween? ;)

Love that Muno pumpkin!

jojo said...

That sweet baby would look good in any haircut we now can see if we like a short haircut. I wish Aunt Anna was around to help even it up. Its going to be fun fixing a new hair style. Love you Ella!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Oh my goodness!! I am dyIng laughing right now. That picture is fantastic. Please take another one before you even it out. She will look gorgeous in her new hairdo for sure. Precious angel.

JordanKalynn said...

Oh Allison! I'm laughing so hard right now... and Bob's text was perfect :). The good news is she has your beautiful hair and it'll be loooooong again in no time! Can't wait to see the new short 'do. Miss y'all.

Brittany Strebeck said...

I keep looking at yall's blog so I can see Ella's joe dirt over and over. I cannot stop laughing about it!! Can't wait to see the new do!!

The Savage's said...

I'm laughing so hard all over again! I think if Bob would have let her finish it, it would look great! She was doing a pretty good job!

Anonymous said...

Bahaha! She doesn't look too pleased with your taking a picture of her haircut! lol

Camila said...

oh my stars! Too funny! Isn't it the worst when you know you need to discipline your child but you can't stop laughing?? I have that problem a lot!

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