Yesterday was Jeff's birthday.  And he is turning 32.
It's so nice to know that he is always there to balance me out.
This past week we watched a few documentaries. (We love a good documentary.  I mean, who doesn't)  It was called "Hungry For Change".  It was about living a healthy life style and teaching your kids healthy habits.  It was an amazing documentary and really opened our eyes to different ways to be healthy and teach our kids new healthy habits.
I wish I could say that I get completely behind these health changes. Unfortunately, these kind of things bring me to a sort of panic.  I dont want to change my lifestyle all at once- I get rebellious and weird.  I have to ease in change a little at a time.  I get defensive and its hard for me to let go of what I have been doing.  Case in point, while watching the movie, every time they said something that was bad, I would look at the screen and utter I love you under my breath.  (It didnt help that 1/3 of it was devoted to how bad Diet Coke was for you.  Just so sad.) I will be open to it in the long run and have actually really changed my eating habits like 180 degrees from college when I lived off of candy and diet coke exclusively.
Jeff, however, gets inspired.  He loves a challenge and a way to improve. So, In full Jeff style (and Allison Pool Booth, also), he went in headfirst with his devotion to this new healthy lifestyle.
We bought a juicer people.
He also came home for lunch on the day we got it and just juiced himself up something fierce.
He loved it.
We added this new juice to our life, (I actually prefer the magic bullet and make smoothies. Dont tell the juicer.) along with all kinds of healthy habits and ideas that we knew, but maybe put on the back of our minds for a while.  It is nothing life changing, but it has involved cutting out a lot of sugar and flour.  In the middle of watching TV or driving, he would reference the documentary and talk about different points it had made and how much he agreed with them.  I love his ability to jump all in, so much.
On Monday, the day before his bday, I asked if, since he has been eating so healthy along with his juicing, would he still want something for dessert on his birthday or should we just have, you know, juice?
He said yes and that he felt like it would be a good celebratory splurge.
I was so excited because we all know my love for baking.  While I sitting there to trying to decide what to make him, he comes around the corner with a sleeve of oreos in his hands :)
It just made my day.
Thank you Jeff for not always being super hard core.
Needless to say, I made Boston Cream Pie cupcakes the next day and we will restore our love for juicing tomorrow...
boston cream pie cupcakes
They turned out so good.  I found these snack cups at target and I cooked the cupcakes in them, cut them in half after they were cooked, added the pudding to the middle, and put the top back on in time for chocolate glaze on top.
Happy birthday Jeff!
(Notice the bday gift that goes along with the docuemtnary sitting nonchalantly behind the cupcake.  I can get supportive :)
May we always go super hard core with things only to break the rules just for fun.  I love you and am so thankful for you and your willingness to take on challenges, not let fear control you at all, and for your amazing work hard/play hard/relax hard mindset.  You are one of a kind and I am happy you are mine.


BrookeD said...

So Sweet!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!

KLytle said...

check out: www.100daysofrealfood.com ....This is what my husband and I are doing. We aren't perfect at it, but you are right, it's all about little changes.

Nina said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! I'm trying to be healthy too but the Coke Zero is here to stay :)

Misty said...

happy birthday :)

Misty said...

happy birthday :)

Camila said...

So sweet! But does the juice fill you up?? I feel like I would try to be healthy with a juicer and then like 20 minutes later say "oh I'm hungry, I should just go eat a hamburger."

I'm Lauren Kopf said...

Yay birthdays! My husband and I did a 20 day juice fast in the Spring... I am totally addicted to diet coke and was worried what no caffeine would do to me, but my body compensated and I didn't feel at all tired after a long day of teaching! All that juice helped retrain my taste buds to like fruits and veggies again. Good on you for knowing when to splurge a little!

Favorite: 2 carrots and 2 apples juiced and blended with a banana + a little cinnamon = healthy breakfast candy.

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