Sewing 101

My mom came in town on monday to teach me how to sew.
My mom is one of those people that everyone loves.  Everyone.
 She is so hospitable, hilarious, smart, has the cleanest house in the world and is so self deprecating even though everything she does is perfect.
She has the most gracious and kind spirit and always want to build others up; always thinking of people more than herself.  (Sewing 101 being one of those times- I am sure she had a million other things to do).
It was really have not laughed so much in a long time.
She used to sew all her clothes growing up and I really just wing it when I am in front of my machine.  I needed her to tell me how to really do stuff the right way.  (Its sometimes hard to do things the right way when you don't read directions.)
I got this shorts pattern from colette patterns and it was the cutest thing ever.  I did not know that just seeing a pattern I would make me want to sew. The whole pattern book had the cutest colors, directions, a glossary and a pattern.  And the pattern booklet was sewed together. Adorable.
It was just so helpful.  
My mom showed me what all of the arrows and notches and what nots mean and that you really can sew with your pins in your material.
It was life changing.
She taught me the importance of ironing, how to hem by hand (which I completely ignored), how to do a zipper and actually baste it beforehand.  The woman is a sewing genius.
And so freakin cute.
I chose a light weight denim with a little spandex in it so they ended up being a little bit big (because they stretched. Duh Kristen)  And we used white lining for the pockets, which was a little bit noticeable. I think I would do a coordinating color or bright pop next time.
I also used wonder under for the interfacing and I it is crinkly sounding and broke all up after I ironed it.
So, unfortunately, unless I want people to think I am wearing a diaper, I cant wear them.
But other than that they are perfect! hahahh!
I want to make another pair and see if I can do it without my mom standing over me and reminding me what to do next (highly unlikely).
Maybe in a chambray?
I also want to lengthen the waistband so they are high waisted and try to move the zipper to the back and the pockets to the sides.  We'll see.
Overall, it was a blast of a day and I can not thank my mom enough for sharing her skills with me and being patient with my inability to pay attention to any detail whatsoever.
I love you mom.


Beth said...

Oh my goodness, so cute! I love collette patterns! This might have been the kick in the pants I needed to start the macaroon dress. . .

Christine said...

yea- I think high waisted would look great with your body type! Good job on these! these are denim/spandex mix?

I am actually in the process of DIY dressform! so exciting!

Anyways- just found your blog, and I am now your NEWEST follower on GFC I would love if you would follow me back now too! :D And if you have any feedback I would really appreciate it!

God bless always

Carrie said...

Yay I've been waiting for this post! Can't wait to see take 2! I like the front-ish pockets because sometimes side pockets can be unflattering, you know that weird bunch they do?? And high-waisted would be so cute! Very inspiring! :)

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Let's talk for a minute about how TINY you are!!!!! Seriously... itty bitty!
And I am dying over those shorts... YES to chambray, higher waist and zipper in the back!
Think I'm going to order the pattern this week. I'm dying to make a hot pink pair!
Fun fun fun!
One of these days we need to get together for a sewing day...let the kids play...we can drink diet coke and dr. pepper.. just sayin'.
Happy weekend friend!

Misty said...

What cute shorts : ) I think a bright color for the pockets would be awesome :) LOVE them

Candace Shiflet said...

what an awesome mama! I love the shorts. I'm obsessing this very second, actually. haha you're so lucky she's a talented lady who passed her talent to you. Can I borrow her, please?

Lovely Little Rants

Priscilla said...

Oh, Kristen, your blog just makes me smile....literally every single time I read it! I love your witty posts and watching your sweet family grow! This post was extra special to me because you described your mom with such honesty and love, and every single word you wrote about her is the absolute truth -- we are so very blessed to have her in our lives, and she is so very blessed to have you as her daughter!! Love you, sweet girl!

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