A new look and a little note

The baves lost her front teeth!! Woo hoo! Do they usually come out around the same time??? I feel like everyone usually is missing both? I don't know.  Random thought.  She kind of knocked her first one out in a bounce house and then she wanted the next one to come out at school so she could get a "tooth necklace" or a little necklace that held her tooth.  It was pretty cute and I bet it was fun to lose it in front of her friends.
Then she wanted to keep said necklace and her tooth, so she wrote the tooth fair a little note
Lest she forget to leave her some money. hahaha- at least she knows what she wants.
Then last week we all got the dreaded stomach bug.
 So much fun.
Sassy was up all night every thirty minutes throwing up on everything she could find.  Ben, however, threw right up in the bucket.  It was kind of amazing.  I would not have thought that would have been the case.
And we passed the next few days painting and playing away from people who could extract this dreaded disease from us.
(always ready to help Ben- whether he likes it or not)
This weekend my friends brooke and april threw amazing parties and my neighbors had a mini get together.  we lived it up like we were well! It was so much fun.  And we finally saw the Hunger Games. Amazing.  We know it cant be as good as the book, but overall, I think we really enjoyed it.  Since then I have been reading reviews and watching every interview on it. hahahha! I think I am kind of a fangirl!
Hope you guys had a great weekend!! So excited for easter stuff this week!!  


Unknown said...

Such adorable pics. We lost a tooth this week too! Sorry you had a sick one in the house; that's never fun.

Leslie said...

SUCH CUTE SHIRTS!! We've had strep all week so I feel your pain sister!!! Hope everyone is well by Easter!

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