Happy Birthday Anna!

Today is my little sister Anna's 21st birthday! 
We drove to my parents for a birthday lunch and it was such a fun day celebrating Anna! 
She really is just the BEST sister ever. Beautiful, kind, cool, stylish, edgy, brave, fun, genuine, and she even snorts when she laughs real hard. Seriously the best. I love you Anna and couldn't imagine my life without you.

I made Anna some of the photo coasters for her birthday.
Anna is really into Cheetah print these days so I covered the back of each coaster with cheetah felt.
I put the coasters with some bud light, blacklight pong balls and solo cups. I'm sure she will have to google on how to play beer pong. or probably not:)
One of Anna's all time favorite things is S'mores so I made her some golden graham s'more bars.
Happy Birthday Anna! I love you so much! Can't wait to continue the celebration in Vegas soon!!! WOO-HOO!!!


Alexis said...

LOVE the beer pong gift basket. I think I will be copying that for my little sister who turns 21 in August! Don't thinks she is getting a trip to Vegas though. How Fun! Can't wait for those pictures.

Or does what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?

Lifethrualinds said...

Love, love the backlight ping pong balls and those coasters! I can't wait to hear about and see pics from Vegas soon. Happy birthday Anna!

Misty said...

love it!! my sister in law just turned 21 last week :)

Unknown said...

Hello, Can you please tell me where you got the felt from?

Allison said...

The felt is from Hobby Lobby.

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