Muted Pumpkins are all the rage

Well, at least at our house.
(and I am sure they have a real name thats not muted pumpkins, I just don't know what it is...)
(forgive my bad lighting and pics. I took them last night.)
I know these are not fall colors (avery is very concerned about that) and the banner is a little much.  I just got so excited.
My lone white one on the table.
I am just obsessed with the gray, white and light orange pumpkins.  I can't get over it.  I don't have any real orange ones in my house!
And then Lindsay and I were talking about wreaths and she told me about her friend that had a great mossy one.  I went to hobby lobby and got the Styrofoam ring and the bag of moss and just hot glued it on.  I just hung it with ghetto gray fabric that I am going to change, so disregard that.
I was thinking maybe some wire or something.  I will def change the pic and you guys can watch the rotation.
and a few more outside.
I know these are not exciting and my pics are so bad, but you get the idea...
Happy fall guys!! 


the tichenor family said...

as usual, I LOVE IT!! the banner is darling. way to go mama. now i need to get off my couch and decorate my house!! :)

jojo said...

Love the muted pumpkins! Plays into my love for monochromatic!! Looks great!

Amanda said...

lovely 'kins! very organic. love the wreath and love the "muted" gray-ish/brown-ish moss....that would look great on a wreath too:) ps -i dont think your burlap is ghetto :)

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