heart breaker valentines

Ella and I made valentines today for her school party and they turned out so cute. I got the idea from Dana over at her fabulous blog.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Dana made it so easy to copy her cute valentines. She had a PDF file that I printed onto colored paper and then cut out. 
Picnik collage
Then I sewed the hearts together leaving an opening to fill with candy. 
Picnik collage
After you finish filling them with candy, sew the opening closed and your done. So easy and so fun! Ella knows what is inside each one but still gets so surprised and excited when she tears them open. She can't wait to pass them out to her friends at school!


kinsey logan said...

Oh my gosh i love this! i hope i remember this great idea when i have a family! Ellas face is priceless :-)

stephanie Toole said...

I love it! Too cute!

Alyson Booth said...

UMM...these are BaNanAs!!! I love them!!

lins said...

I love these valentines!!!!

jojo said...

These are so cute and the kids are going to love tearing them open!! You are such a creative mommy. My granddaughters are so blessed!!

Jenna said...

Those are so so cute!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Shut up! We did heart breaker valentines! I was about to post them today! Kinleys party is tomorrow. I love the polka dot paper! So great!

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