haircuts and fevers

How cute was Avery's princess party?! We are SO sad that we missed it! SO sad! Ella got sent home from school last Wednesday with pink eye and has been sick ever since. The pink eye turned into an upper respiratory infection and poor kid has had a fever for days. Today is the first day her fever has broke and she finally seems to be getting better.
Picnik collage
It was so nice getting outside today. The weather was beautiful! 
Picnik collage
Ella hasn't had a haircut since her last one with Avery and she was due for a little trim. Brittany gave her the perfect little haircut outside and it looks so cute. 


Jamie said...

your girls are to die for cute! the baby looks so big already! so glad ella is feeling better. have a good week!

jojo said...

I am so glad Ella is feeling better!! I can't stand it when she is sick. So Sad. I can't believe how big McKenna looks. It seems like you had a very laid back day!! That is so good. I can't wait to see everyone!!

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