Temple, school pics, & a trip to goodwill

this weekend jeff went hunting so, we decided to find our own party.  we hadn't been to our friends ashley and gage's house since they moved to temple (when we moved to tyler) so we packed up and drove to temple on friday. i love an impromptu trip (i know, you didnt know that about me...).
it was so fun.
ashley has done an amazing job with their house and it was so much fun to see where they live.  we mostly just hung out and went to the park-typical mom activities.
Picnik collage
her son, mason is my new favorite baby.  he smiles all the time- on command. if you look at him, he smiles. i LOVED every second of it.
this is not the best pic, but on friday we also did some paper dolls.  they were so easy and avery loved them.  she drew the eyes and mouth on them and told me what colors to make everyone's hair and dresses.
then when sass and ben woke up, they played with them too.  they are so ghetto that they fell apart pretty fast.  and i'm pretty ashamed at how uncute they are, but you get the idea.
and thursday we got their school picture proofs when we picked them up.  now, i am notorious for not knowing when any events are at school, much less picture day.  however, i must have known subconsciously, because their pics turned out so cute!! (last year avery looked like she lived with octomom-too many kids around and no one to clean her clothes and brush her hair.  this time is a vast improvement!!)
Picnik collage
i have no idea how the photographer got them all to look at him-much less smile and hold a pumpkin! and stand next to each other!  its like school is an alternate universe...
i have also been trolling goodwill lately, on my time off.  this last thursday i found a few plastic ducks and they have been a huge hit.  they have taken showers with the kids, been to every dinner we have had and made some trips to target.
overall, it was a great weekend. hopefully you guys had a great one too :)


Leslie said...

CUTE school pics. I didn't buy the boys pics last year and I am still so mad at myself. You are so spontaneous and I just LOVE that about you!! Let's try to catch up soon!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Those school pics are truly amazing...how beautiful are your kids!? So fun seeing Ashley and Mason!

Sarah said...

love the school pics of the kids. you always make me laugh!!!!

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