crochet circular scarf

on the way to acl (more pics of that to come) i started crocheting this circle scarf. i have knitted one in the  past, but this was my first crocheted one. 
i started out just making a rectangle and then crocheted the ends together so that made a circle.  i really like the idea of it, but i miss judged the size and it was HUGE!  i still rocked it the first day, even though it was hot, and i do like it.  i just maybe need to make it a little smaller and less bulky next time.
me, jeff and michael before we left lindsey's on friday. love acl and getting to go with my whole fam! ok, more on that later.
so, its huge, but i think when its cold in the winter it will be better...


Cassie said...

It looks SO good! Gold star, for sure.

Katrina Scott Design said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR SCARVES! THEY ARE SO GREAT!! You are a crocheting queen! Let me know when they're on etsy...def need a few!

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