WORLD SERIES is coming to TEXAS!!

well said michael young.
is everyone crying??? playing "i like texas" by pat green after striking out a-rod looking??!?!  SHUT UP!!!! 
here comes the gingerale.  how awesome is that?  so cool.
Rangers are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!!
i just can't believe it.  i have been a fan forever.  we almost bought our season ticket seats at arlington stadium.  and went to a million games at the ballpark in arlington.  saw nolan ryan's 7th no hitter!  and now he owns the place.  really cant get over it.
the rangers have been the underdogs for a while.  they have tried for a long time, had great talent and great guys, but just never made it.  even with the tbs announcers being clear yankee fans this whole series.
and now josh hamilton is our ACLS MVP!! giving all glory to God and his team.  unbelievable.
this is our year.  our freakin' year.
congrats rangers.  love you guys.  cant wait to watch four more wins.

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Tulip and Turnip said...

I am a HUGE Phillies fan (born and bred outside of Philly), but since they lost last night to the Giants, I am totally pulling for the Rangers! (Our city still loves Cliff Lee..we were sad to see him traded.) Anyone who beats the Yankees is worth rooting for! Go Rangers! :)

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