monday playlist

after coming back from the wild weekend that was jeff's birthday, i got to ride in the car for a little bit by myself.  i dont get to do that a lot and i love it when it happens.  i LOVE listening to music in my car.  i sometimes go sit in my car to listen to a new cd just because the car is the best place (besides a dance party) to listen to music.
so, i thought that i would share with yall my favorite things to listen to right now.  (pretty random, i know.  but i like to know what people are listening to, so i thought maybe i would share).  what i am listening to changes like, every week, but since i am usually listening to glee and steve green with my kids, its super fun to get to listen to what i want to, even if its just for 10 minutes.
***just to forewarn, this is not cool music.  this is not a cool mix and i wish i was much cooler, but i tend to vier toward cheesy.  dont feel like i am promoting the latest band on the indie charts.  i wish i was, but i dont have enough time to find new people and see them live or search through their songs (though that is my dream life).
i tried not to be swayed by songs that might seem cheesy and put them up even if they are kinda embarrassing.  here goes...
Picnik collage
the new sara bareilles cd is on repeat but my favorite songs (if i have a limited time) are 
-hold my heart.  its about trying to let someone love you but not knowing if they are ready for it.  but wanting them to be.  and wanting them to know you and love you and be ready to love you.
-say youre sorry she just wants this guy to say hes sorry.  she says "words are no use. you dont need them like i do" but she just wants to hear them.
-king of anything about working with her labels and how they want to get her famous and dont really listen to her
-let the rain talks about how she wishes she was pretty and brave and fearless.  and then she would tell the world what she thinks.  how, if she was fearless then she would want to feel everything and let the emotions just fall.  its kinda empowering.
-uncharted i think this is about how hard it is getting what you want and how she has never been in this place before and is really scared.
-machine gun is hilarious.  she feels sorry for this person that hates her and tells him to put down the machine gun and stop being mean.
-gravity is on her other album, but its the best break up song around.  and i love that cd too.  but i have kind of worn it.
-comfort by deb talan was a big one for me when we first moved.  its one that i reference back to frequently.  
-better than a hallelujah by amy grant is def one of my new faves.  cheesy, i know, but i often love a good cheesy song :)
-come back by pearl jam is a returning fave.  i dont know why. 
-devil town by tony lucca is on the friday night lights soundtrack and i def downloaded all the songs i could get off of that show while i was under its spell (like im not still under it...)
-gravity by lucy shwartz (gravity is clearly a theme).  its got a nice, easy rhythm.  
-here comes your man by meagan smith.  quirky and upbeat.  nice on a nice day with the windows down.
-ive got a rock n roll heart by eric clapton.  super into this one.  just makes me happy.  even though none of those things he likes, i like.  but i like to think i have a rock n roll heart.  (even though, clearly, i dont.)
-idlewild blues by outkast (again, fnl soundtrack)
-sympathy by goo goo dolls is kinda my fave of all time. clearly, i can not pick a favorite song so it is crazy to say that, but i think that its definitely one i always stop on.   i assume its about becoming famous and how its harder than they thought.  how, sometimes you want something for your life and it comes true, but you end up focusing on the difficult parts and looking back on who you were back then when you wanted this dream, and you were someone who you didnt know very much about much.  and their new one, notbroken, is good too. "time wont ever steal my song". (and if it says "soul" instead of "song" dont tell me.  i want to believe its "song")
-oklahoma breakdown by stoney larue.  just super fun. reminds me of high school and going to the lake and hanging out with my friends in the summer.
-rock n roll by eric hutchinson.  also super fun. and its always more fun to rock and roll if you are in   control, or feel like you are.
-you and i by ingrid michaelson. love her.  and this is also, can you guess, super fun and quirky and light            hearted and weird.

ok, so this is so random and out of no where, and i am sure that i am forgetting like 5 of my very favorites right now, but thats what i have so far.
i love music, but i definitely dont know that many people to listen to and am really bad at making time to find new music, so my list is pretty limited.
so, now you can imagine me, in my car after i drop my kids off at school, feeling free and easy and jamming to my favorite songs....i know.  youre welcome.


Hayley and Aaron said...

Thanks for posting this Kristen! I love all the indie stuff but I love all the cheesy songs just as much! Always looking for some new song to have on repeat for the week. And guess what I just read the comment you wrote to me back in July TODAY! haha...I will try to get back in the blogging game so you can follow all the details of our life! See you and your lovely family soon!

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