here is a fun pic of al and i when we were working construction for her dad.
we definitely thought we were awesome (and clearly my face is the size of a planet so i hope i didnt think i was that awesome)...
it has been a little bit since i have shared what i am loving around the world wide web, so i thought that i would throw around some love.

just discovered mod cloth. love it.  so many options!

 big scarfs are, clearly, all the rage.

love this halloween decor! and this!

loving shorts over tights.  and my sister in law can rock them!

love this rainbow party!!

i have never made homemade brownies that i liked.  i think i may have to try these.  they look amazing.

so cute!

just got into bsf and love it.  this is my second week and i am realizing how lacking i am in intelligence, as well as zeal, and, really, just overall curiosity.  i hope to be a different person by the end of this year.  thank you, Lord for your willingness to change us and give us second chances.

loving the looks we love at crew cuts.  and think ben and sass should share this.  or this.  yall know my love for denim.  too bad i really only shop at old navy (which we love).

i totally want this book.

hope everyone has a great almost weekend!!  we are going to a game night that i am stoked about.  love a game and a game night.  just too much. (fun, i mean.)

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Unknown said...

My parents did BSF and loved it. I'm glad to hear you are loving it too. I've been meaning to join. And I love that Halloween party!!! I am totally going to feature that on my events blog! SO CUTE!

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