felt board and a pumpkin patch

i realize that this puts me (even more than i already am) into dorky, crafty mom category, but we made felt boards today.  they were super dorky and ghetto, but the kids loved them!  ben had a dragon and avery & sass had a princess, a castle and even a handsome prince.
Picnik collage
i just stole some cardboard from a box out of my neighbors trash and covered it in felt that i have so much of.  and then we cut out all the people and their clothes.
it was a fun project, but we didnt get out of our wal mart halloween pajamas all morning.
this weekend jeff was on working friday night and sunday night and sleeping saturday, so we found out everything fun in tyler to do on our own.
we found a pumpkin patch (that took us over an hour to get to because we got so lost...thats another story...) and the kids loved it.
they had one horse that they loved.
Picnik collage
and a train that sass was scared of and cried so much that they stopped so i would let her off :/
they had fish you could feed.  ben's second favorite part.
and face painting.  everyone's fave.
Picnik collage
over all, it was a great day.


Leslie said...

I want to try making those felt boards! I think the boys might really like them. I need more details though. Such a cute idea!!

Lifethrualinds said...

Love the felt boards...I should totally do this with all my left over felt...and your kids are so stinking cute! I love the face painting...I am sure Kinley would have cried at that until I let her get down too.

Lauren said...

kristen, you and your family are soooo adorable! i miss you so much! i feel like im spying on your life...its kinda creepy. but i love reading what yall are doing and watching your kids grow. the twins are so huge! like small people! and avery is all grown up! thanks for being my only follower/commenter on my blog...haha! call me when you come to dallas next. my mom and i may be coming to canton soon and we can stop by and say hi! ok that was kinda long for a comment so i'll stop...

Shannan Martin said...

Oooh - I need some flannel up in my hood. Stat!

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