barstad tent night

jeff took this week off for vacation (ie. hunting).  we went to see ashley this weekend, he hunted and we met back up on monday.  i took a "vacation day" (kid, cleaning, picking up after people, cooking FREE) on monday night and tuesday and spent the night in dallas and played around, the whole day tuesday.
earlier in the week, we decided we would go camping at tyler state park on wednesday night and let the kids skip school on thursday.  i have to admit that the thought of two two year olds, a four year old, jeff and i and two dogs all trying to sleep in a tent on wednesday night was not my idea of heaven.  now, i love camping. (allison and lindsay and a few girls from high school used to camp in our backyards and go to school the next day all the time.  some times our crazy guy friends would steal our phones and scare us...thats another story. i cant wait til ella and avery and kinely can have tent nights! and i used to camp in the colorado a lot growing up) and am all for it when my kids are just a little bit older (and maybe listen to you when you tell them its time to go to sleep).  
so jeff talked me into it and we corralled all our kids and riley and gracie into the car and drove to tyler state park.  
and,of course, i started getting excited.
the weather was gorgeous, i had packed all our warm clothes and shoes, and ben and sass were so excited to see the deer and fish and aves couldnt wait for the smores (smore what? how can i have some more of nothing?).  so i decided i was definitely super excited about this camping trip and started remembering how much i loved camping.
we finally find the place that we wanted to set up camp at (after driving around for the perfect spot for-ev-er) and we got out of the car and jeff quickly noticed that gas was leaking from his car.
we got all the way out there, with the kids excited and everything packed, just to have to turn around and go home.
we could not roast marshmallows and make hot dogs right next to a gas leak...i guess.
(you're killin' me smalls).
we stayed for a little while to play at the park and then convinced them that camping at home would be wayyyyyy more fun.
at home we set up a little fire and roasted marshmallows
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
set up a tent,
and jeff, munch and her two baby dolls are sleeping out there (or pretending to) right now.
Picnik collage
i dont know how long it will last, but it looks like tons of fun.
i would have put the babies and i out there, but, you know...they were tired and i just wasnt sure if they were ready for camping since it was already passed their bed time.
so i am about to watch glee and jeff is being dad of the year (or avery is being daughter of the year.   i'm not sure who wants to be out there more).
i cant wait for more tent nights. hopefully some will venture out of our back yard.


Cassie said...

Oh my goodness! Backyard campouts were one of my FAVORITE things as a kid! Avery is sure to remember this night forever :)

The Payne's said...

Sounds like tons of fun!!! I enjoyed all the sandlot references!

Mason's said...

Amazing story. That's my boy Jeff. Always an adventure. Backyard smores taste just as good. Chocolate melts anywhere. Let's join forces and camp with our kids soon.

Cherish Stockdale said...

what a fun thing to do with the family!! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your sweet blog! Your precious family brings joy to my heart every morning!
I love you all!
Aunt Cindy

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