lets go rangers!

Bob and I went to game 1 of the ALCS last weekend and it was so fun! (even though the Rangers lost)
We went with Matt and Aly and had such a great time cheering on our Rangers. Matt won the tickets through his work and we were SO excited to go with them to the game.
We made sure to try everything on the menu and finished it all off with a 10 dollar bucket of popcorn. We wish we were going to be at game 6 tonight but we will be cheering on the Rangers from our couch this time. Hopefully along with some supreme nachos, chicken quesadillas, cheeseburger, potato chips, hot dog, pretzel and a bucket of popcorn. (told you we tried everything on the menu!)
Lets go Rangers!!!


Alyson Booth said...

What a party weekend!!! TOO fun! I absolutely LOVE spending time with you and Bob when you are town!!!!! I am so blessed for you to be my sis-in-law and have Bob as my brother from another mother!!! Love yall to pieces!!!

You Are My Fave said...

Your baby bump is so cute.

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