little bo peep model

Does anybody read the blog SYTYC (so you think your crafty)?  If you are following along with the contest this month then maybe you recognized Ella as she modeled one of the Halloween costumes!
 Our friends Jordan and Kirstin over at Kojodesigns made the cutest little bo peep costume. Here are some more pics of Ella in it and a little tutorial. One of the rules for the contest is that you can't have your own children model your crafts so Ella was asked to model the adorable costume for them.  Ella is not one to always cooperate when it comes to smiling for the camera but she did surprisingly good when Jordan came over to take her pics. It might have been because Ella loved the costume so much that she would not take it off. For real. Jordan had to leave it with us because Ella wasn't ready to give it up quite yet. Jordan and Kirstin are still in the contest and each week is a new theme so head on over to SYTYC each week and vote for your favorite craft.  I just know that they are going to win the whole thing, they are amazing!


monica said...

i saw this on kojo. isn't it the cutest!!!


Unknown said...

you're so funny! ella is stinkin' adorable!

the tichenor family said...

What a precious picture of sweet Ella... and HOW CLEVER is that costume?! I love it.

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