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A couple of weeks ago I made my first trip to IKEA. I have always heard that you either love or hate IKEA. Well I LOVE it! It was overwhelming with so much stuff that I didn't even know where to look and I didn't even come close to walking through the whole store. I had my mind set on fabric so thats where I headed to first.
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They had so many great fabrics to choose from and the best part was that you got to cut it yourself. I felt so cool.
I got a great navy and white stripe and a oil cloth navy and white polka dot. They had lots of colors to choose from but I love a navy and it was hard for me to stray away from it:)
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When I saw the polka dotted oil cloth I knew just what I wanted to make with it. (I love when that happens) I had made Ella a booster seat a while back that she uses all the time and I decided to make her another one. You can never have too many booster seats, right?
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The booster seat pattern that I followed was from "One Yard Wonders" and it is super easy to make. Ella even loves helping out with this one. Her favorite part from the first booster seat I made her was pouring in the bulkwheat hulls so she couldn't wait to do it again.
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Of course she made a huge mess on our friend Brittany's carpet but lucky for me Ella loves to vacuum:)
I love how it turned out and I can't wait to make my next trip to IKEA!


Amanda said...

I love Ikea too :) I really like your booster seat idea - my little one enjoys sitting in the 'big girl' chairs and I was only thinking last night that a cushion of some sort would be good for her when she eventually sits at the dining table. I like your idea of using oil cloth fabric to cover it. Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

I adore ikea. We have one 15 minutes from where we live. It's a little dangerous! I love your booster seat and I'll have to keep it in mind once Jude graduates from the high chair! Love those polka dots!

Leslie said...

I LOVE THAT!!! I'm seeing a craft night (very distant future) making or trying to make that booster seat!!!!

Brittany Strebeck said...

haha! i would have never known there was an explosion on our living room floor :)

Unknown said...

love this...
and LOVE ikea. we're headed to dallas for thanksgiving, and getting to go to ikea is one of the highlights in my head. :)

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