bob's bday weekend!

Today my sweet husband Bob turns 34!
We had the most wonderful family weekend to celebrate Bob. We took Ella to Sea World! Sounds more like a celebrating Ella weekend but Bob and I loved every minute of it. It was a much needed mini family vaca.
Just a little side story from the last time I was in San Antonio with Bob... We weren't even married yet and we went for a weekend trip with my mom and sister. Bob told us he was going to walk on the riverwalk while we all were getting ready for dinner that night. Well about 30 minutes later Bob knocks on the hotel door and when I opened it I screamed. He was soaking wet! From head to toe. He told us he was walking on the riverwalk and fell in! We were dying laughing and couldn't believe it! I had always wondered if people ever fell in! Well a few minutes later Bob let us in on his little joke and said he was just kidding. He had gone to the hotel pool before coming back up to the room and removed his phone and wallet and jumped in the pool fully clothed. He thought it would be funny to make us think he fell in the river. It was indeed a very funny stunt he pulled on us!
That is just one of the million reasons why I love Bob. He really is the funniest guy I know and nobody makes me laugh like he does. He is always full of jokes, wisdom, and so much passion for helping others. I am beyond blessed to have Bob as my husband and I hope he has a wonderful birthday today!
Picnik collage
We had birthday cake in the hotel this weekend so we didn't get to blow out candles which is usually Ella's favorite part but she didn't seem to even notice. As you can see she put her finger prints on the cake before I could even get a picture of it.

We headed to San Antonio on Friday and stopped in Austin for lunch with our dear friend Andy. Bob and I (and Kristen) all know Andy from ACU and we just love him so much.
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(and I don't know how but he is single ladies!)
Andy is about as easy going and cool as they come and always up for whatever. He is so sweet and so great with kids. Ella just loves him. Ok I will stop...Bob and Andy are both gonna make me take this part down once they read it:) Anyways, we ate lunch with the fabulous Andy at Chuy's and wish we could have stayed longer but we had to get back on the road and head towards Shamu!
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The car trip went great. Ella sang Glee songs and even took a little snooze.
We weren't going to sea world till saturday so we spent friday on the riverwalk. As soon as we started walking on the riverwalk Ella wanted to ride one of the boats.
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Ella cracked me up all weekend. She was perfect and so excited about every little thing. We kept her out till she couldn't take anymore.
The next day we spent the first part walking around San Antonio and then did Sea World after Ella's nap so she would be refreshed and ready!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
The first show we went to was the Shamu show. Ella was yelling his name till he came out. She loved it! Her mouth was dropped open most of the show and she said wow to everything.
Picnik collage
We spent the rest of the day watching the dolphin and divers show, dancing with Sesame Street, and of course enjoying a good ole turkey leg. It was such a fun trip to Sea World!
Once we got back to the hotel we took Ella on a horse an carriage ride. She kept saying she was on a princess horse cause it was a Cinderella carriage. Avery would have loved it!
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We then walked around downtown more until Ella began to get real goofy, which meant it was way past her bed time:)
Sunday morning we walked down to the riverwalk for one last time and had breakfast. On our way back to the hotel after breakfast Ella stopped walking and just laid down on the sidewalk! (using Shamu as a pillow of course) haha!
Picnik collage
Pretty sure we wore this kid out. Car ride back home was very quiet and peaceful:)


Leslie said...

What a great trip!!! I am dying to take the boys to Sea World. Hoping next year this time. And YES on craft night. Carrie and I were talking about another sewing lesson and I'd rather just try a craft night with you first. When are you free? Maybe Thursday?? I can do it anytime you are willing. I could bring over dinner for everyone?!?

Lifethrualinds said...

What a fun birthday weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB! So much fun! Love all the pics!

kristen said...

she is so cute!!! i love sea world. and bob! happy birthday bob. so glad you all got to celebrate and it just looks like so much fun!

lins said...

thank you for clearing this up!! i saw andy biking the other day but i haven't seen him since like 2004 and i wasn't sure if it was in fact him or if i was crazy. now i see that he does in fact live here and i feel less insane.

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB! you guys are so great. xoxo

Melissa said...

oh my gosh she is so funny!

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