acl 2010

love me some acl.
we got to go on friday this year because my parents were so wonderful to keep my kids for the whole weekend.  so so thankful.
Picnik collage
friday was such a fun day.  we saw so many bands and just hung out with all my family.  we also got to see some med school friends that we havent seen in forever, some a&m friends (hello kate!) and some high school friends! as well as party with heather's friends brandon and shae. it was a dream.
lindsey made us these fantastic hats that we got with a whole acl care package when we arrived.
big fans.
we are the dorky people that went to pat green, even though he clearly doesnt belong at acl for lots of reasons, but there were only about 15 other people watching him with us so, it made for a great show.   it brought me back to high school, when i used to drive around listening to "adios days" and all of his first two cds, and then when i listened to his music when i went to college and missed my high school friends.  jeff took up his music when we started dating and i love him now, even though he thinks he is hottest thing in music.
Picnik collage
 amos lee is of course a favorite.  "sweet pea" is avery's song so we called her and held up our phones for her to hear, just like all the dorky old people there who think they still live in the 80's.
the strokes were great. loved them.  and missed the black keyes.  ok.  probably too much information.
my cousins and brothers showed us some cooler bands that we loved and, overall, it was a great day.
we got to meet lindsey's friends allison, craig, hayley and john and loved them all.  talk about a fun time.  those kids know how to have fun.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
the next day we went to the festival and then we took a karaoke party bus (ill pause while you reread that) to dinner for my cousin alex's 21 birthday.
ya, pretty much the best day of my LIFE.  best day ever.  loved the bus and loved dinner.
we went to saltlick
then we went to 6th street
and pretended to dance but really we were trying to hold our eyes open.
lindsey, thank you for hosting, feeding, encouraging and loving us.  we had the best time and we are so so sad that you are moving to hawaii.  we are so proud of you but will miss you SO SO Much!!
and happy birthday alex!! love you!!


Carrie said...

how cool are y'all with your headbands? haha, these picutres make me want to... get a perm. ok, ask allison about her crazy dream as to what that means. i'm just trying to be cool and write in code. love acl! see you there next year! :)

Leslie said...

HOW MUCH FUN!!!!! I've never been but always wanted to go!!! Aw i live through you!!!

Tulip and Turnip said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE Amos Lee...Sweet Pea is also a song my kids have listened to daily ever since they were born. I'm going to see him in early November. Can't wait!

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