its somebody's birthday today....

so, if you know us at all, you know we both love a birthday.  like, probably, the best day of the year (mine is for sure).  last year was super fun, and this year, since we are apart, its kind of a smaller deal...which is kind of a bummer.  but its what allison wanted this year, and we all decided the last year of our 20s is gonna be kind of a smaller hoopla, as opposed to partying hard, like we did with 28.  
and, we have sort of made our bday posts fewer and farther between, lately, because we feel like they have been kind of redundant, so, i thought i would do something a little bit different this year and tell yall a few things you may (or may not) know about allison on her birthday!
-first off, i think you should know, and have probably picked up on, she is a phase person.  like big time.  like whatever she is in to, she is in to.  and she is excited about it.  she could sell it to you the way she talks about it.  and she sticks with it.  whether it be her clothes uniform, a new diet, coffee, tie dye, a new workout idea, what she wants to eat, sewing, knitting, painting, drinking-it all lasts, uh, about 2 or 3 months.  and then its usually on to the next kick. sometimes she comes back to it, sometimes (like fettucini alfredo) she doesnt go back.
-her hair is all real, folks.  its the most hair i have ever seen on anyone's head, and everyone is jealous of it.  its gorgeous and she has an exact system that she uses to get it just right.  and it always looks amazing.
-she is funny.  really funny.
-she doesnt take life too seriously.  she and bob are both funny, fun and up for a challenge.  they get excited for change and are confident in who they are, and what God is doing in their life.
-she loves an infomercial.  like, loves them.  she would stay up all night watching them and buy all of them, if she could.  she gets it from her grandmother who sent her, recently, screen printing supplies that she knew allison would love, that she saw on an infomercial.
-she is always up for a party-always.
-she is so super creative (duh), makes the best lunches (like with all the food groups, cheetos being one, obvisously, and having them all separated out on the plate), and is very loyal.
-she loves kids.  she would much rather work with kids than adults, i think.  she is so amazing with kids and the best mom i know.
-she never says anything she doesnt mean.  she never lies and she is never, ever rude.  EVER.  she just doesnt ever let anything out of her mouth that she is not 100% behind.  she really never has to apologize, unlike me, because she watches her words.
-she is not all that good at sports. and she got run over.  bad combo. (im not any better, but she can dance and could do drill team in high school.  i had to stick with soccer and cross country cause thats all i had...)
-dark gray and light gray stripes are kind of her signature.  she probably has a shirt, sweater and jacket with them on it.  she really loves stripes, overall.
-she loves to try new food.  she used to be a chicken strips for every meal kind of person, but now she loves to try all kinds of things.  she loves to cook and she's a great one.
-we met, in 7th grade reading class.  we had the same guess green outfit that we both loved.  then, she had a hotel party (she was so cool) and invited me because her best friend was friends with my best friend (linds) and we have been attached at the hip ever since.
pat kristen purple
-we both went to acu together until i transferred our junior year (thats a whole other post).
-she met bob her sophomore year and they fell in love over a game of scattergories (its my moms favorite story ever, and she always makes them retell it).  they didnt know each other really, and they played scattergories on the same team.  they were sitting next to each other and their knees touched.  they were both so excited that their knees were touching and didnt want to move, so they kept their legs in the same position (probably cramping) the whole time.  love at first game-thats real people.
-she is married to bob.  bob's brother, matt, is married to alyson.  alyson was my college roomate.  and both their middle names are leigh! how fun is that! and, jon, bob and matt's youngest brother is also married to an allison!
-we worked construction the summer after they met for her dad.  he was being so nice and payed us out of his own pocket.  we thought we were such hard workers.  we filled dumpsters and cleaned houses.  we moved sheet rock and probably did more damage than help, but we loved it.  one of my favorite summers.  and it helped us lose the freshman 30 that we both gained...(thanks bryce!)
-she loves music and always has a good mix cd.  she has made 100s in her life.  oldies are probably her favorites.  
-she loves old movies, too.  (and by old, i mean, 80s)
-and she is the best friend you could ever ask for.  everyone who knows her falls instantly in love with her and wants to be her best friend.  she is kind, so compassionate and fun to be with.  
love you, al, and hope you have great last year of your 20's!!!!


Lisa Riley said...

What a sweet post!

Cassie said...

SUCH a sweet post!! Happy Birthday, Allison!

Lifethrualinds said...

Sweet Post! Love all the old pics...I have no idea where you dug out that old Guess t-shirt pic...but, totally my fav. Happy Birthday Allison! Can't wait to see you to celebrate...low key. Love you!

jojo said...

Thanks for that sweet post! I like nothing better than reading about my daughter!! It was great remembering all the wonderful stories! You girls have created some heart warming memories and are still making them. I love you so much Allison and am so glad to be spending the day with you!! Mom

Erynn said...

Happy Bday!! Do tell your hair routine :) including the no washing days!

Carrie said...

aww this was so sweet. I cried. But really, I also just cried during an iphone commercial, so you shouldn't feel too special. :)

Allison - I just love you and Kristen is so right, as soon as I met you I wanted to be your best friend! Happy Birthday!

Nina said...

I love it! So sweet and so true - Happy Birthday Allison, you really are the greatest mom and friend and lets face it, you put everyone else to shame with the parties and creativity! Love you girls!

Allison said...

This was just the best post to read this morning! It made my day and I laughed out loud at so many parts and cried at how sweet it was! You said everything perfectly! Thank you so much! It has been a wonderful birthday and will only get better tomorrow night! Woo-hoo!

Blair Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday Allison!! Perfect birthday tribute to you - Kristen said such thoughtful things about you and I couldn't agree more. Hello - why were we not friends sooner??! :)

Blair Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday Allison!! Perfect birthday tribute to you - Kristen said such thoughtful things about you and I couldn't agree more. Hello - why were we not friends sooner??! :)

The Payne's said...

That was such a sweet post! Happy Birthday Allison!

Kristen said...

I love your post! you girls are precious! That is best post ever!!!! love it. Happy Birthday Allison!! :)

Alyson Booth said...

You truly are the most fun person I know!!!! I love you dearly and the post is priceless!!!! I wish you still had the green guess shirts!!!

Kristee and Jody Walker said...

You two are the most adorable people in the world.

Leslie said...

This is SO GREAT!!!!! Love you both!!! Happy Birthday Allison!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I know I'm super late to the party about commenting on this post - but Happy Birthday Allison! And I have to say, I have been a long admirer of your hair! I hope your day was great.

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