abc book 2010

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some of y'all are new, but some of you may remember our abc books that we did a while back?  my kids love them, but since "h is for house" and it shows a pic of our old house in lbk, i thought i would do an updated one (for me and them.  im crying while seeing the old pics of them as babies and in our old house, and they are confused and underwhelmed.  its for the best.)  
you can view it here.  nothing too exciting, but its more fun because the twins are learning how to say, spell and figure out which objects are which.  aves is really more into princess and my little pony, so i added a few mainstream fun things to the book.  all about compromise.
(and if you are roaming around my blurb account you may have noticed that i have two of these books...maybe i made one where the pages dont match up and "b" is on the page with the "c" pictures.  im not saying thats what happened, just maybe.  i know that you could never see that happening, as i am so focused on details like that)


the tichenor family said...

I'm pretty sure that I am going to copy everything you do in life. You are my mommy idol.
These books are too cute for words. I MUST have one for my boys ASAP! :)

Olive & Pearl Handmade said...

love it! :) I need to make some of these too!!

Olive & Pearl Handmade said...
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