this morning, i woke up with the babies and avery and avery was so excited, she told me that she saw my car out the window and daddys!! "he didnt leave, mommy!" she told me.  it just made my whole day.  (and then, of course, we had to go wake up daddy to tell him, and then we were all awake :))
the excitement of avery's excitement got us raring to go, and we got all our clothes on and went to the zoo to see the animals.  ben couldnt even let me put on shoes, he was so excited.
we saw the leopard (up close and personal)
and the penguins,
and fed the parakeets.  they were pretty hungry, which made for a fun trip into the bird cage.
and all of avery's excitement about jeff waking up just reminds me that today there are people all over the country who are mourning people and ideals that were lost this time 9 years ago. we will never forget the sacrifices that were made, as well as, the devastation and threat that was brought to america.


Nan Burger said...
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Nan Burger said...

So beautifully said, Kristen!

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