for the love of fridays

wish we were still here, throwing caution to the wind, but, since its friday, we are pretty excited.
we have had a million playgroups this week (and loved every minute of it), tons of school (where half of the twin set cries (and makes his mama cry because she is so sad he is sad!) but he puts on his bravest face and tells me with tears rolling down his face that he will play with the animals and have fun. (kills me!) and the other half cant make it out the door fast enough to get to school), and we may go see linds tomorrow at her in-laws lake house (woo hoo!!)
and all that has been super fun, but once friday night rolls around,
we are gonna just lay around and do nothing-and love it. we are so jazzed about it.
and since its friday, and i love other peoples blogs and the web, here goes,

this is allison's and my favorite candy and i never knew it had advertisements!! i love it!

i loved this book growing up.

i am a chronic apologizer, so these are, like, perfect for me. if you know me, i have probably annoyed you with many a late night call to apologize for something crazy i said.

thought this song (and video was so cute)!

this sounds fun....

if i was still teaching i would get all of this fun stuff.

in my dream house, i would have this top kitchen backsplash.

and, who isnt excited about alexa chung for madewell?? considering that, since the very day madewell went viral i bought my dress for my reunion, i feel like i am already behind because its, what, like, day two of achung's collection?

last weekend i missed one of my very best friend's surprise birthday party because i messed up the dates. it was on friday and i drove in on saturday and didnt find out until i was putting my clothes on for the party. i was so bummed. (and mad at myself for being so dumb) im glad to know that other people sometimes mess up their dates too...


Unknown said...

I am wondering who your friend is whose surprise party you missed because we had the same deal last weekend (party was really on Friday night but hubbie had led her to believe it was Saturday). We were out of town but...just wondering if it's the same person!

Lifethrualinds said...

Love this post. Loved seeing y'all this weekend. We love you guys so much!!

Camila said...

Tiki Tiki Tembo is an all-time fav book. I just love saying his name over and over again and I feel like it's obscure b/c nobody ever knows what I'm talking about! Saw the book in Barnes & Noble last week though so glad it's making a come back!!

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